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Useless? COVID-19 Antibody Testing

With the normalization of the COVID-19 epidemic, COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and COVID-19 antibody testing have become necessary passes in many situations, because COVID-19 nucleic acid testing is an absolutely important indicator of the diagnosis and prognosis of new coronary pneumonia. Therefore, the country has issued a lot of guidelines and technical specifications on COVID-19 …


The 17th Zhejiang Primary Medical Equipment Exhibition–We are Here!

On September 16, the 17th Zhejiang Primary Medical Equipment Exhibition was officially opened at Hangzhou International Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is “Healthy Zhejiang, China’s Power”. It aims to introduce advanced technologies at home and abroad and showcase the latest medical equipment, strengthen international technology and information exchanges and expand foreign development. On …


Why Do We Need A Medicine Kit Box?

Necessity for Buying A Medicine Kit Box In recent years, in order to improve the health industry system and expand the consumption of health services, the National Development and Reform Commission has advocated the formation of healthy consumption concepts and healthy lifestyles for the whole society, and encouraged families to store medical aid boxes. The …


Attention You Should Be Paid to–Electronic Sphygmomanometer

Electronic sphygmomanometers are the most commonly used auxiliary tools for self-measurement of blood pressure in hospital departments and families. Wrong measurement methods not only cause errors in blood pressure values but also affect the time, dosage, and compliance of patients with hypertension. We have compiled 4 precautions for the measurement and related knowledge of electronic …


Brilliant! ECG Monitor-Good Alarm for Disease Diagnosis

Heart diseases are transient, often passing by in a flash, and it is difficult to grasp, but it is more troublesome to go to the hospital for examination frequently. The emergence of home electrocardiographs solves the problem of asymptomatic disease diagnosis during medical treatment. As a supplement to hospital disease diagnosis, it can effectively monitor …

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