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What is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Why is pelvic floor physical therapy recommended? For mothers who have just given birth, pelvic floor problems are often important but very unfamiliar. Some things can only be understood after the baby is born. Many postpartum mothers will have problems such as leaking urine pelvic organ prolapse, muscle relaxation, constipation, etc., when laughing or coughing, …


TOPSUN 7060 | Lighten Your Operating Room Vision

With the development of medical technology and the increasing demand for clinical surgery, the requirements for shadowless surgical lights in various operations are getting higher and higher. In the new era, operating room clinics have put forward very strict parameters such as the illumination, color temperature, and color rendering index of shadowless lights. Heal Force …


Training of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

With the development of medical technology, the new technology of biofeedback therapy is increasingly used in neurorehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, and other fields. Electromyography biofeedback instruments are also popularized in clinical practice and are well received and recognized by patients and doctors. The application of electromyography biofeedback instrument helps to promote the rehabilitation of patients with …


Heal Force is Selected to Participate in the Drafting of “Digital Operating Room Construction Standards”

After evaluation and discussion by experts from China Association of Medical Equipment (CAME), Shanghai Lishen Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Heal Force, is selected as the drafting unit of the “Digital Operating Room Construction Standard”! China Association of Medical Equipment is composed of leaders and experts from national medical and health institutions, medical …


Monitoring for Severe Pneumonia

Severe pneumonia is one of the clinically common acute and critical illnesses. It refers to not only the common respiratory diseases with pneumonia but also the manifestations of respiratory failure and other systems’ obvious involvement. Common clinical manifestations include fever, cough, sputum, chest pain; if pneumonia is complicated by multiple organ failure, such as respiratory …

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