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Heal Force Newly-Launched Medical Ceiling Pendant

The ceiling pendant is an important gas supply medical equipment for the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for the terminal transfer of various medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air in the operating room. It features an anti-bacterial and anti-fouling composite surface, driven by a motor for quick …


Invitation of Heal Force 128th Canton Fair

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and undertaken by the China Foreign Trade Center. It is a comprehensive international trade event known for its long history, large scale, complete product categories, tremendous buyers from …


Heal Force Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is Included in an Outstanding Domestic Medical Equipment Product Catalog!

After being selected by experts from CAME (CHINA ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT), Heal Force HF-LTPS100A hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer was included in the outstanding domestic medical equipment catalog. The CAME is composed of leaders and experts from national medical and health institutions, medical equipment R&D, production and operation enterprises and institutions. It integrates “politics, …


Typical Structure of Shadowless Surgical Lights

In the previous content, we’ve introduced what is a shadowless surgical light and its selection guide. Now, let’s dive deeper into the typical structure of the operating lights. The structure and composition of the shadowless surgical light are often different according to the product’s intended use, installation, optical principle and light source type. The typical …


Basic Knowledge of Patient Monitor

The normal use of the ECG monitor needs the correct analysis and operation of a professional. It is necessary to continuously sum up experience, and be careful, patient, and try to avoid human failure during use. Classification of the patient monitor Monitoring equipment can be divided into the following three categories according to the structure: …


Ceiling Pendant Hanging Solution and Display Program in Digital Operating Room Endoscopy Center

Heal Force Ceiling Pendant Hanging Solution and Display Program in Digital Operating Room Endoscopy Center is dedicated to solving the re-requirements of the operating room pendant, which is suitable for newly-built endoscopy centers and old operating rooms transformation. We fully consider the requirements of intelligence, clinical digitization, and refined management in the endoscopic minimally invasive operating room, and provide …

Anesthesia Machine

The Essentiality of ETCO2 Monitoring in Clinical Anesthesia

The advent of the capnography for monitoring end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) is a major advancement in the use of non-invasive technology to monitor PF (pulmonary function), especially pulmonary ventilation function. It makes it possible to monitor patients continuously and quantitatively at the bedside to provide clear indicators for respiratory support management, especially for anesthesia patients, …

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