Due to the novel coronavirus, people all around the world are in panic and the Countries are also effectively implementing population control and outbreak containment measures against COVID-19. Up to now, the epidemic is still spreading at an extremely high rate and a couple of countries even reach their peaks.

·Why we need Pulse Oximeter

·Why they choose A3 Pulse Oximeter

·Why they choose Heal Force

Why we need Pulse Oximeter

A common symptom of patients with pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus is “decreased blood oxygen content.” Blood oxygen content and body temperature, pulse, breathing, blood pressure, and pain are called the six vital signs. After the human body is infected with the new coronavirus, it will cause serious acute respiratory infections, resulting in a series of clinical discomfort symptoms such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or hypoxemia. Therefore, in the process of fighting new coronavirus infections, it is necessary to monitor blood oxygen.

The 2019 New Coronavirus Guidelines published by WHO also illustrates the close relationship between blood oxygen saturation and coronary pneumonia. This guide is intended to provide advice to clinicians when dealing with adults or pediatric patients with suspected new coronavirus infection causing severe acute respiratory infection (SARI).

Using the pulse oximeter, you can effectively monitor the blood oxygen index anytime, anywhere, and in real-time, find abnormal indicators in time, and grasp the treatment opportunity in time!

Why they choose A3 Pulse Oximeter

Internationally Recognized

Limit Alarm

Multi-parameter Monitoring

Four-way Rotation

5-Second Test to Output the Value

Intellectual Power Saving

Why they Choose Heal Force

Heal Force has been established for more than 30 years and we still dedicated to rendering the best service to our clients, Heal Force works to lead a healthier life for everyone and our ultimate goal is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, purifier and safer.

To provide high-quality, reliable products and professional services to the medical and scientific fields, for decades, in addition to continuous improvement in marketing and services, Likang has been making unremitting efforts to optimize supply chain management and production processes.

We have a professional quality control system and a highly integrated production model. Based on the identification of customer needs, we strictly implement standardized operating procedures, accurately use operating tools, standardized operating methods, and production records, and control each production in accordance with operating standards. And inspection links, real-time quality measurement, and supervision and inspection to control product quality and make it meet the quality and technical requirements.

Additionally, Dr. John Campbell has endorsed for pur company which is the great pleasure for us.

The following link is one of our videos for A3 Pulse Oximeter and if you want to learn more about A3 Pulse Oximeter, you will get what you want in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxPf5fhwPdE

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