Before the operation, the patient’s position fixation has an important impact on whether the operation is smooth or not. The correct surgical position can obtain good exposure of the surgical field (especially deep part surgery), prevent the occurrence of accidental injuries such as nerves and limbs, and shorten the operation time; otherwise, it can cause difficulty in surgical operation and more likely to cause important organs. Injury, heavy bleeding, or serious consequences. Therefore, proper posture is particularly important for the safe operation of the operation.


Surgical Position in Operation

Surgical position means the position of the patient during operation and the patient’s lying position. Different operations require different postures, not only to achieve easy exposure of the surgical field and convenient surgical operation, to improve the success rate of the operation but also to fully consider the physiological compensation function of the patient. The impact of the posture on the physiological function cannot exceed the patient’s compensatory ability.

Operating Tables

In clinical surgery, the operating table is used to support the patient’s body, adjust the patient’s position according to the surgical operation, fully expose the surgical field, and provide a comfortable and convenient surgical environment for the doctor. A “qualified” surgical bed is not only related to the accuracy of the posture of the operation but also involves the important cooperation of all links in the entire operation process.

In order to meet the requirements of different postures of various types of surgery and better support the operation, Heal Force has introduced the HFease600 operating table. The operating table uses a four-stage bed (head, back, hip, leg) design, and a variety of optional accessories support, effectively solve the pain points in the operating room.

HFease600 Operating Table

HFease600 Operating Table
HFease600 Operating Table
  • Stable operation, stable and reliable

Heal Force’s HFease600 operating table adopts a hydraulic system imported from Germany, square column design, high stability, easy to change various postures, and low noise.

  • Rich posture can be used with intraoperative X-ray examination

Heal Force’s HFease600 operating table has a central column structure and a fully eccentric outboard structure for demand. It is also equipped with a 350mm longitudinal movement distance, which adds more space and reduces blind spots in X-ray imaging surgery.

  • Humanized hardware design, comfortable and convenient

Heal Force’s HFease600 operating table has the height of the double backboard which is adjustable from 0 to 105mm, which provides more comfortable waist support for the patient and is more comfortable. It can be folded to form a physiological lumbar spine position, which is easy to operate and meets the needs of kidney surgery. Moreover, it has diversified control methods, optional remote controller, column panel, foot pedal controller.

  • Human-friendly operation

Heal Force’s HFease600 operating table has 2 sets of complex posture programming functions, saving time and procedure of repeated multi-button combination operations. The hand-held remote controller touches the keyboard instantaneously, and can perform various expected positions by continuous key operation, and has an automatic key lock function to prevent misoperation.

Significant improvements in work performance, user interaction, and operational safety have made HFease600 a truly universal operating table, reducing potential safety hazards for surgery and thereby reducing the risk factor of patients in the operating room.

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