New Parents often have such worries, not knowing that how their babies live in the baby incubator. They don’t know if the baby is safe in the baby incubator and whether he will suffer.

At present, the neonatology departments of major hospitals, especially the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), are almost all closed management. While protecting the baby to the maximum, it also makes new mothers who have been temporarily separated from babies worry about their babies. When talking about baby incubators, all of them look dignified and worried.

It is unneccessary to feel scared when talking about the baby incubator

Most of the babies who needs the baby incubator are premature babies, low birth weight babies, high-risk babies, etc. Because of their incomplete development in all aspects, their temperature control is unstable, after leaving the uterus, they cannot adapt to the external environment smoothly, so they need to enter the baby incubator Cultivation transition to conduct nurturing transition. For some newborns, the baby incubator is similar to their home.

What is a baby incubator?


Infant incubators are modern advanced medical equipment necessary for the treatment of critically ill newborns, especially premature infants. This incubator applys scientific method to simulate the fetus’s environment in the womb, create a development space with constant temperature, constant humidity and noise-free. Moreover, due to isolation from the outside world, there are fewer bacterial infections, which can keep the baby’s condition and body temperature stable, thereby improving the survival rate of premature and critically ill children.

In addition, the baby incubator can be connected to various monitoring instruments, and medical staff can monitor the baby’s body temperature, heartbeat, pulse, breathing, blood pressure, brain function and other conditions at any time, and can directly perform blue light treatment and filming on the baby.

Applicable situation of baby incubator


Immature babies whose birth weight is less than 2500g.


Newborns whose birth weight is more than 2500g but cannot maintain normal body temperature at room temperature for a long time.


Newborns who suffer from certain diseases need to be placed in an incubator, such as premature infants, full-term infants, neonatal asphyxia, high-risk infants, infants with neonatal scleredema, unstable vital signs, critically ill babies and newborns requiring first aid operation.


Newborns who need treatment, such as jaundice, impetigo, diaper rash, burns, etc., need to expose the skin, keep partly dryness, and blue light exposure.

Is the baby safe in the incubator?

baby incubator

During the monitoring period in the baby incubator, the newborn will receive all-weather and comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and care by medical staff. A dedicated person will regularly test and disinfect the baby incubator and medical equipment every day to ensure the safety of the baby incubator.

Moreover, the incubator body is equipped with multiple automatic protection devices. The normal maximum temperature of the incubator is 37 degrees. If the temperature is lower than or exceeds the set temperature, it will automatically alarm, so as long as the operation is standardized and the monitoring is strengthened, it will not cause dangerous problems.

Neonates, especially premature infants, have low immune function. The incubator is an important place for them to keep warm, fed, treated and rescued. Since Heal Force infant incubator‘s luanch, it has won the recognition of many medical institutions and leading departments for its scientific, convenient and safe advantages. Heal Force infant incubator has made a lot of contributions to improving the level of newborn treatment.

 Heal Force Infant Incubator

Accurate. Secure. Stable

infant incubtor

“Panda Eye” operation hole

Double-layer cover

Anti-pinching design


✦ At constant temperature, the temperature fluctuates within plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius

✦ All-aluminum channel steel middle box helps to make the temperature uniform in the box


✦ Dual-channel dual-sensor plus analog system protection, a total of triple safety guarantees

✦ Pass 0709 standard, unique three-level alarm function, transmission distance of more than 8 meters


✦ Unique trinity 48-item quality factory inspection system

✦ Strict procurement system for electrical components

Heal Force related product recommendation

Infant Radiant Warmer

Double-sided blue light function, open large bed design

Convenient, safe, stable and easy to use

Infant radiant warmer

Streamlined ABS radiation head

It can be equipped with negative pressure suction

Newborn monitor

newborn monitor

With high-sensitivity probe to support weak perfusion measurement

Specially designed for newborns, always pay attention to the key health values ​​of the baby

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