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Most of the existing hospitals operating rooms in our country were built around 2000. The hospitals built in the early stage have phenomena such as unreasonable planning, outdated buildings, lack of functions, and cluttered environment. With the continuous improvement of our country’s medical level, the number of operations in various hospitals has gradually increased, and the original operating room can no longer fully meet the existing surgical needs. In accordance with the “Architectural Technical Code for Hospital Clean Operating Department” (GB50333-2013), the clean operating department’s design, construction and acceptance standards, the old hospital operating rooms that do not meet the standards are recommended to be renovated and upgraded according to requirements.

Renovation of operating room, need to pay attention to the improvement of information system

The core of the renovation of the old operating room is to integrate the limited space of the operating room, improve the construction of the information system as much as possible, standardize the application of information in the operating room, and realize the intelligent management of equipments and personnel in the operating room.

As one of Chinese top 100 medical device companies and the pioneer of intelligent operating room medical equipment, Heal Force has been actively exploring for many years, using technology to improve the level of medical informatization construction, and launching an overall solution for digital intelligent operating room. The core component AB1000 has the characteristics of a small host, strong compatibility and it is very suitable for renovation of old operating rooms.

Heal Force Digital Intelligent Operating Room Solution

operating room

The host is small and convenient for rapid deployment

Some old operating rooms have small space, and due to historical reasons, no equipment room is reserved, which brings great difficulties to the upgrading of operating rooms. Heal Force digital intelligent operating room solution is equipped with a compact host, providing a reliable solution for the upgrading of such small space operating rooms.

Whether it is a new operating room or renovation of an old operating room, AB1000 can package and realize functions such as centralized equipment management, information management and application, audio and video control, and remote intercommunication in a short period of time by virtue of its small 4U thickness. The wall of the operating room is no need to be reconstructed, and the host can be directly installed on the pendant, which greatly reduces the impact of the reconstruction of the operating room on the operation.

Multiple types of information sharing, good openness and compatibility

The upgrade and reconstruction of the old operating room is not only to simply upgrade the equipment of the operating room to newer and higher-end products, but also to consider various factors from the perspectives of design, operation and maintenance, and information interconnection.

Heal Force digital operating room solution includes all the functions of Heal Force anesthesia workstation. It can realize information exchange with the hospital’s HIS/PACS and other systems through the DOOR platform of the “Smart Tower”, and share real-time or stored information. The AB1000 intelligent system has good compatibility and rich modular interfaces, and can access more surgical equipments in the future, such as endoscope, C-arm, ultrasound, DSA, etc., which is helpful to improve the application level of operating room informatization.

Surgical process and information management

Conference room large screen

Ultra-high-definition video display, real-time voice interaction, and visual recording of electronic medical records are the highlights of Heal Force digital operating room solutions. Ultra-high-definition 4K “naked data” is transmitted without compression and lossless, and provides clinical medical image restoration for video teaching in hospitals, remote teaching and consultation between hospitals, and medical high-definition displays with high color gamut and real-time picture enhancement. Ultra-high professional imaging; professional visual surgical electronic medical records, which meet the consensus requirements of experts of the Chinese Society of Surgery, and perfectly combine the construction of digital operating rooms, surgical management with quality control.

More than 30 years of ingenuity and intelligence, chasing the dream of digital medical care

The reconstruction of the digital operating room is the core of building a high-quality hospital, not only to meet the requirements of the operating department, but also to meet the needs of anesthesiologists and nurses, and to have the possibility of functional expansion.

As a drafting unit of “Digital Operating Room Construction Standards”, Heal Force has rich practical experience in intensive care, anesthesia information management and digital operating room construction. For more than 30 years, Heal Force has served many countries and regions around the world. Heal Force digital intelligent operating room solution provides guidance and reference for the implementation of new operating rooms and renovation of old operating rooms, and effectively promotes the high-quality development of hospital construction.

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