The 84th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) ended successfully in Shanghai On the 16th. Centered on the theme of “New Tech, Smart Future”, four major booths of Heal Force presented a brilliant show in the medical fields of digital medical treatment, life science, and the Internet of Things, attracting a lot of attention.

Medical Integrated Exhibition Area

Heal Force

The medical exhibition hall showcased diversified integrated solutions for medical digital applications regarding digital operating room, digital anesthesia, digital neonatology, obstetrics and gynecology and pelvic floor rehabilitation, and Internet of Things medical treatment, etc. The booth was crowded with people where our staff patiently explained the characteristics of various products to the audience and led customers to understand the results of Heal Force’s innovative medical and digital applications.

Life Science Integrated Exhibition Area

The Life Science booth integrates innovative products and cutting-edge technologies, and focuses on displaying comprehensive and reliable digital laboratory overall solutions, including a digital laboratory IoT cloud platform and a diversified laboratory equipment product portfolio that consists of biological safety cabinets, clean benches, automatic medical PCR analysis systems, CO2 incubators, high-speed refrigerated centrifuges, water purification system, and low-temperature cold chain products.

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Biolab Lab: IoT Cloud Platform Solution
Biolab Lab IoT Cloud Platform Solution

The life science laboratory has a complex environment and many electronic instruments. In order to promote the circulation of laboratory information and data and improve the efficiency of experiments, we launched the Biolab laboratory IoT cloud platform solution that integrates instrument operation monitoring, real-time data monitoring, and intelligent remote management, abnormal state alarm and other functions, helping laboratory management to enter a new future of intelligence and efficiency!

IOT Integrated Exhibition Area

The Big Health Internet of Things exhibition area is based on the “Internet of Things + Medical Health”, and is committed to breaking through the information barriers between different products and different diagnosis and treatment links, and helping medical services move from a single device to an ecological network. We assist in building a multi-scenario “Internet of Things medical” system covering health testing, community smart medical care, smart clinics, and personal health management, and help promote the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment!

Health Testing Workstation

At this year’s CMEF, Heal Force’s health testing vehicle solution debuted for the first time! The mobile vehicle can support physical examination items such as height and weight measurement, waist-to-hip ratio, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body fat, electrocardiogram, B-ultrasound, blood sugar, urine routine, blood routine, liver function, kidney function testing, etc. The visitors showed great interest in the medical testing vehicle, and they entered the in-vehicle testing trial to learn more about the configuration and application scope of the physical testing vehicle.

2021 Doctor Group Procurement Conference

At the 2021CMEF Doctor Group Procurement Conference, on behalf of Heal Force, Manager Zhang Jian introduced Heal Force diversified solutions, such as the smart operating room that includes TrackAO surgical anesthesia management software and patient monitors, which have received extensive attention from the audience. Users and distributors have come to the booth for consultation and negotiation.

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