Baby incubator is like mother’s womb

Provide a warm and humid environment for newborns

The light is like warm sun

Nourish the signs of the newborn

In the past, the incubator and the blu-ray were running on their own tracks

Heal Force employs technology to bring them together

Marching towards more functions to meet the needs of newborns and medical care

Now, more cost-effective infant phototherapy incubators appear

It contains mother’s love for baby

It contains the selfless love of healthcare workers

It contains the high requirements of engineers for products

Only technology keeps innovating

Life can be better

For Heal Force, love drives technology

What is 8502 Series Infant Phototherapy Incubator?

8502 series infant phototherapy incubator uses constant temperature and safe warm equipment, simulated uterine ring, and maintains proper temperature and humidity in the environment. It carries out “bird’s nest” care and is equipped with no wind ultra-thin fan headlight blu-ray treatment instrument to ensure uniform light and prevent excessive phototherapy and let the baby effectively treat newborn jaundice in a comfortable environment.

Features of 8502 Series Infant Phototherapy Incubator

  • High stability

Unique Trinity 48-factory quality inspection system and strict electrical component procurement system

  • High compatibility

The product itself has a blu-ray, which can treat jaundice and can be
combined with blu-ray outside to achieve the same effect as the double-sided blu-ray of the infant phototherapy incubator.

  • High flexibility

The blu-ray intensity range is 0~99, which can be timed, timed. It can be moved horizontally, can be taken directly in the box when filming.

  • Low impact on babies

The two-in-one design of the incubator and blu-ray does not need to be moved frequently when treating children, which can reduce infant pain, reduce infection rate, and improve treatment efficiency rate.

More exquisite designs and functions for users

  • Transparent mattress

The transparent design of the intimate mattress is convenient for placing the blu-ray source underneath. Double-sided blu-ray is realized to improve the yellowing effect, and then the bed turnover rate is improved. The transparent design of the intimate mattress is convenient for the lower blu-ray source. Combined with the original blu-ray, to achieve double-sided blu-ray, improve the yellowing effect, and then improve the bed turnover rate.

8502 Series Infant Phototherapy Incubator
  • Flexible tilt angle

The tilt angle of the crib can be adjusted according to different clinical needs to achieve various postures, including the Trenberg posture.

8502 Series Infant Phototherapy Incubator
  • Bundle Blu-ray controller

Both the light intensity and light time are accurately adjustable and effectively avoid excessive phototherapy.

8502 Series Infant Phototherapy Incubator
  • Audible and visual alarms

Over temperature, deviation, circulation, sensor, power failure, water shortage, and other faults, all have audible and visual alarms, with a clearly visible alarm radius of at least eight meters.

The former warm box needs to be used with a blu-ray split, whether it is from the function of the blu-ray and the rate or ease of use is not satisfactory, but now our Infant Phototherapy Incubator will not have such a problem, our light therapy incubator is suitable for newborns and premature babies with rapid yellowing, frequent care, and humidity requirements. The integrated one is more mobile and convenient!

Heal Force is committed to giving the best care and treatment to newborn babies! Trust our 8502 Infant Phototherapy Incubator and you will get what you want!

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