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As the Covid-19 vaccine developed by multinational pharmaceutical companies has entered the final stage of testing in late 2020, countries have begun to start vaccination this early Jan.

The main products are Pfizer and Modena in the United States, AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom, the Russian Satellite 5, and China’s Sinopharm and Kexing vaccines.

Heal Force Freezer for Covid-19 vaccines

Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

Millions of people around the world have received COVID-19 vaccines, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in US, these vaccines have undergone the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history. This monitoring includes using both established and new safety monitoring systems to make sure that COVID-19 vaccines are safe. 

However, After COVID-19 vaccination, you may have some side effects. These are normal signs that your body is building protection. The side effects from COVID-19 vaccination, such as chills or tiredness, may affect your ability to do daily activities, and they should go away in a few days.

Why do I need to get 2 doses of vaccine?

According to previous clinical trials of inactivated vaccines for the new coronavirus, only one dose of inactivated vaccines cannot produce the expected immune effect. Approximately 2 weeks after the second dose of inactivated vaccine, the vaccinated population can have a better immune effect.

How effective is the vaccine?

Preliminary data released by Moderna earlier showed that its newly developed vaccine can achieve nearly 95% efficacy; in addition, the vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is reported to have more than 90% efficacy – results hailed as a major scientific achievement.

Others believes that the test results of these two vaccines are better than expected, but this number does not necessarily represent the efficiency of the vaccine in the actual environment. This is because these two numbers only reflect the ‘efficacy in the controlled environment in the laboratory’, rather than ‘effectiveness’ in practise.

When the vaccine is actually applied to human, the efficacy of the vaccine may be affected by factors such as age, physical condition of the person. Vaccine research and development companies will try to expand the test scale when conducting human tests to know the effectiveness of vaccines on different groups, but this cannot completely simulate the actual environment.

Do different vaccines need different storage environments?

At present, the Covid-19 vaccine needs to be stored at a desired low temperature like other vaccines to ensure its efficiency.

For example, Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccines are reported to be stored at -70 degrees Celsius. This way, the vaccine can be stored for about two weeks.

A key advantage of Moderna vaccine is that it does not require ultra-low temperature storage like Pfizer vaccine, which makes transportation and distribution easier and increases the flexibility of vaccination schedules. Moderna hopes that it can be stable for 30 days at a normal refrigerator temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, and can be stored for up to 6 months at -20 degrees Celsius.

Heal Force Freezers & Refrigerators

Heal Force Offers wide range of pharmaceutical-grade units designed for refrigeration or freezing biological material such as vaccines. At those temperature, the recommended low-temperature products of Heal Force are:

· HFLTP-86 Series -86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (New)

· HFLTP-86 Series -86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (Classic)

· HFLTP-40 Series -40℃ Deep Freezer

· HFLTP-25 Series -25℃ Deep Freezer

Heal Force HFLTP-86 Series Featuring:

  • 7in LCD touch screen, clear display essential parameter enables user interact with the unit without hassle
  • Various volume sizes to choose from: 408 liters, 588 liters and 838 liters, which fulfill the needs of different size facility’s requirements
  • Build-in back-up battery to display temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm system for up to 72 hours without AC power
  • Visual and audible alarm system helps indicating when the temperature outside of the setting range or give alert when there is a power failure
  • Wide voltage range: 198V~242V are available
  • HC refrigeration system, energy saving 50%
  • Special noise reduction design
  • Easy data transfer by standard USB port
  • Suitable for multiple Applications: preservation of viruses, bacteria, vaccines, biological tissues, drugs, special materials, etc.

Heal Force 2-8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerators

With the development of Covid-19 vaccines, many companies have continued to develop vaccines that can be stored at close to room temperature, which is convenient for storage and transportation. Among them, the German company CureVac announced in last October that their vaccine only needs to be stored in an environment at 5 degrees Celsius and can still maintain a three-month validity period.

The storage conditions of Chinese company Sinopharm sars-cov-2 vaccine (vero cell) inactivate are at 2~8 degrees Celsius during transportation and storage. The validity period is tentatively set to 24 months.

HFLTP-05 Series 2~8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator

It is recommended to use Heal Force HFLTP-05 Series 2~8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator to store such vaccine, it has below features:

  • Reliable control system inside temperature 2-8℃ and accuracy 0.1℃ 
  • Forced-air cooling system ensure frost-free cabinet 
  • Color spray steel plate inner chamber for friendly using and easy clean
  • Service-free drainage system ensure no water in the cabinet
  • Controller error protection: the cooling system will remember the normal working cycle and keep working depending on this memory when ontroller or two sensor failed
  • Wide voltage range 187V-242V available

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