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Apollo N1: Special Monitor for Newborns

The body of the newborns is undeveloped, whose blood pressure and ECG are quite different from the adults. If you use conventional monitors and cuffs to measure for children, it is easy to cause inaccurate or undetectable values, impossible to accurately collect, monitor, and manage the clinical data of newborns. Therefore, more professional neonatal monitors …


Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition, meet Shanghai New International

The 2020 Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition will kick off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E2-E6 on November 16-18, 2020! As a platform for leading companies in the industry to comprehensively display new technologies, products and solutions, the Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemical Exhibition will hold multiple high-quality seminars at the same time …

Medica 2020

MEDICA 2020: Join Heal Force in the Online Showroom

Virtual. Medica 2020 is hot going now, as a world-renowned comprehensive medical exhibition, it will showcase various products and services in the entire field from outpatient treatment to inpatient treatment. The exhibited products include all conventional categories of medical equipment and supplies, as well as medical communication information technology, medical furniture and equipment, and medical …


The Principle of PCR, See Here

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) polymerase chain reaction, also known as in vitro DNA amplification technology, was pioneered by Kary Mullis of Cetus in the United States in 1985, which can amplify a small amount of DNA fragments more than one million times. Kary Mullis himself won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Advantages: high sensitivity, …


Postpartum Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Need-to-know

With the pregnancy effect and ageing, pelvic floor health issues have attracted more and more attention from mothers. Although many mothers earnestly understand the relevant knowledge and actively participate in pelvic floor rehabilitation, they always encounter some problems and do not understand. Here is some of the basic knowledge regarding pelvic floor rehabilitation for postpartum …


Heal Force Infant Radiant Warmer was awarded the popular king of CMEF must-see first aid products!

At the just-concluded 2020 CMEF China International Medical Equipment Exhibition, Heal Force three major booths were brilliant, displaying diversified products and strong brand strength in an all-round way. With excellent products and professional services, it has won unanimous praise from the exhibition audience. In this exhibition, FXQ4H infant radiant warmer shines, not only on the …


Heal Force Country Angels Tour Package Project, help health and poverty alleviation charity!

On October 21, 2020, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Country Angel Project held a launching ceremony in Hezhang County, Guizhou Province. In response to the “Guiding Opinions of the National Health and Family Planning Commission on the Implementation of Health Poverty Alleviation Projects”, to promote the construction of a healthy China and prevent poverty …

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