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The 83rd CMEF丨Data Creates the Future, Heal Force booth is brilliant!

On October 19-22, the 83rd CMEF was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Heal Force brought digital medical solutions, anaesthesia critical product solutions, perinatal product solutions, life science equipment and health testing of the Internet of Things The product debuted brilliantly, presenting Heal Force new digital intelligent health IoT solution in an …


Useless? COVID-19 Antibody Testing

With the normalization of the COVID-19 epidemic, COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and COVID-19 antibody testing have become necessary passes in many situations, because COVID-19 nucleic acid testing is an absolutely important indicator of the diagnosis and prognosis of new coronary pneumonia. Therefore, the country has issued a lot of guidelines and technical specifications on COVID-19 …


Heal Force Newly-Launched Medical Ceiling Pendant

The ceiling pendant is an important gas supply medical equipment for the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for the terminal transfer of various medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air in the operating room. It features an anti-bacterial and anti-fouling composite surface, driven by a motor for quick …


Blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol analyzer help you pay attention to cardiovascular health

October 13th is World Thrombosis Day. World Thrombosis Day aims to increase public awareness of thrombotic diseases and to commemorate the theory of “thrombosis” —— Professor Rudolf Virchow, Germany. Modern diet high in oil and sugar which is easily increase blood sugar and cholesterol. High blood sugar, high blood fat and high cholesterol are causes …

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