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Heal Force Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is Included in an Outstanding Domestic Medical Equipment Product Catalog!

After being selected by experts from CAME (CHINA ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT), Heal Force HF-LTPS100A hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer was included in the outstanding domestic medical equipment catalog. The CAME is composed of leaders and experts from national medical and health institutions, medical equipment R&D, production and operation enterprises and institutions. It integrates “politics, …


In October, the 83rd CMEF will be celebrated!

On October 19-22, 2020, Heal Force will participate in the 83rd Autumn CMEF China International Medical Equipment Expo held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of “Innovative Technology, Smart Leading the Future”. The scale of this CMEF exhibition has reached a new high, and the exhibition area has been further …


Typical Structure of Shadowless Surgical Lights

In the previous content, we’ve introduced what is a shadowless surgical light and its selection guide. Now, let’s dive deeper into the typical structure of the operating lights. The structure and composition of the shadowless surgical light are often different according to the product’s intended use, installation, optical principle and light source type. The typical …


Basic Knowledge of Patient Monitor

The normal use of the ECG monitor needs the correct analysis and operation of a professional. It is necessary to continuously sum up experience, and be careful, patient, and try to avoid human failure during use. Classification of the patient monitor Monitoring equipment can be divided into the following three categories according to the structure: …


How to use electronic blood pressure monitor correctly

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards in our country, various electronic blood pressure monitor is gradually entering people’s lives. Wrist-type electronic blood pressure monitor is favoured by more and more users due to their small size and convenient use. The electronic blood pressure monitors can allow patients …


The 17th Zhejiang Primary Medical Equipment Exhibition–We are Here!

On September 16, the 17th Zhejiang Primary Medical Equipment Exhibition was officially opened at Hangzhou International Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is “Healthy Zhejiang, China’s Power”. It aims to introduce advanced technologies at home and abroad and showcase the latest medical equipment, strengthen international technology and information exchanges and expand foreign development. On …


Heal Force has been in action to support epidemic prevention and testing in Urumqi, Xinjiang!

According to the notice from the Health Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on September 7, all confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in Xinjiang (including the Corps) have been cleared! To help normalize nucleic acid testing in Xinjiang, on September 16, Likang’s 26 biosafety cabinets were quickly loaded into vehicles and went to Urumqi again …

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