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Blood Pressure Monitor or Mercury Sphygmomanometer?

Why We Recommend Blood Pressure Monitor or Mercury Sphygmomanometer? Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of hypertension: It is recommended to use a proven upper arm medical electronic sphygmomanometer, and the mercury column sphygmomanometer will be phased out; Although the auscultation method of blood pressure measurement has been used clinically for more than 100 years, …


Attention You Should Be Paid to–Electronic Sphygmomanometer

Electronic sphygmomanometers are the most commonly used auxiliary tools for self-measurement of blood pressure in hospital departments and families. Wrong measurement methods not only cause errors in blood pressure values but also affect the time, dosage, and compliance of patients with hypertension. We have compiled 4 precautions for the measurement and related knowledge of electronic …

Patient Monitor
Mdeical Equipment Express

Apollo N4: ICU Patient Monitor

With the rapid development of medical technology, monitors have been widely used in various clinical departments for patient vital signs monitoring in real time, especially in the ICU intensive care unit. which helps medical staff investigate the patient’s condition, and solve emergencies in time. The intensive care unit is different from the general ward. The …


Shanghai Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition, HealForce fight against the epidemic with word

On August 19th, the two-day 2020 Shanghai International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition ended successfully in Hall 5.1H, Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Building a Global Anti-epidemic Material Procurement Platform and Helping Global Unified Anti-epidemic Actions”, this exhibition will build face-to-face cooperation and procurement platform for both parties in the field …


Brilliant! ECG Monitor-Good Alarm for Disease Diagnosis

Heart diseases are transient, often passing by in a flash, and it is difficult to grasp, but it is more troublesome to go to the hospital for examination frequently. The emergence of home electrocardiographs solves the problem of asymptomatic disease diagnosis during medical treatment. As a supplement to hospital disease diagnosis, it can effectively monitor …

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