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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Haunts you? Never!

Have you slept for a long time, but you still feel sleepy and tired, dizzy, and feel like you have a false sleep when you wake up? You may get obstructive sleep apnea! Too much or too little sleep will increase the incidence of various diseases. Long-term sleep disorders often cause daytime dysfunction, weakened human …


What? Snoring is a Kind of Disease!

There is such a group of people in life. When their head touches the pillow, they snored like thunder. In fact, the sound of snoring is not a good sign but a disease in itself, it may also be a signal of some other diseases, and serious and life-threatening! Take Care of your Body Many …


Urgent! ECG Test Must Be Included in Orientation Health Check

Many companies will perform an induction medical examination for their employees. The orientation health check for employees is a very important part. You should not treat it carelessly. On the medical examination sheet, some medical terms such as “sinus tachycardia” sometimes appear. “Newcomers to the medical examination” are unknown. So, how can you have heart …

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