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Guidelines for A PCR Laboratory Overall Layout

Introduction Clinical Gene Amplification Testing Laboratory, also known as Molecular Laboratory and PCR Laboratory, has gradually become an indispensable part of the inspection field. In principle, a clinical gene amplification testing laboratory should set up the following areas: Reagent Storage and Preparation Area, Specimen Preparation Area, Amplification Reaction Area, Amplification Product Analysis Area. The four …

Patient Monitor

Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor: A Guardian of Life By Your Side

In recent years, with the continuous addressing of China ’s medical level and the gradual improvement of the medical and social security system, the clinical monitoring technology and performance levels of monitoring products at all levels of hospitals have been significantly improved. Patient monitors and other equipment have been widely used in clinical departments, even …

transport monitor
Mdeical Equipment Express

Deluxe-70: Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

This Patient Monitor is a multi-functional instrument designed for monitoring the vital physiological signs of adult and pediatric patients. With the functions of real-time recording and displaying parameters, such as ECG, heart rate, non-invasive blood pressure, functional oxygen saturation, respiration rate, body temperature and so on, it allows comprehensive analysis of patient’s physiological conditions. This …


Armed with A3 Pulse Oximeter to fight Against COVID-19

Due to the novel coronavirus, people all around the world are in panic and the Countries are also effectively implementing population control and outbreak containment measures against COVID-19. Up to now, the epidemic is still spreading at an extremely high rate and a couple of countries even reach their peaks. ·Why we need Pulse Oximeter …

digital operating room

Digital Operating Room-A Smarter and Efficient Surgical Solution

With the continuous advancement of medical technology, hospitals at all levels in China, such as the Three-A Hospitals and County People’s Hospitals, continue to strengthen the digital and information construction, most of whom pays more attention to the transformation of the operating room system in terms of digital information construction. It’s natural that digital solutions …

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