From October 28th to 30th, 2020, Shanghai New International Expo Center will host the 2020 Shanghai International Elderly Care, Assistive Devices and Rehabilitation Medical Expo.


Heal Force invites you

Meet at Shanghai New International Expo Center

Booth number: N2A72

On October 28, Heal Force will bring many star products such as the health cabin, pelvic floor rehabilitation machine, and myoelectric biofeedback instrument to show up with you at the N2A72 booth of Shanghai New International Expo Center, presenting Heal Force community medical and public health Institutional and primary medical solutions.

Heal Force exhibited products

HF3000 EMG biofeedback meter

Electrical stimulation rehabilitation therapy is an important method for early rehabilitation of middle-aged and elderly people. The Heal Force electromyography biofeedback instrument can convert the electrical signals that are difficult to perceive when the human body controls muscle movement into light, sound and image signals, helping patients to be conscious the re-learning of muscle motor functions is carried out to promote the recovery of patients.

Health-W Health Cabin

With the rise of new technologies such as the Internet and digital medical care, the combination of medical care and elderly care has become a new requirement for community medical care. Heal Force launched a one-stop health testing equipment-the health cabin, which has many functions such as card registration, file creation, self-service testing, report printing, etc., To help community medical and primary public health institutions to carry out residents’ health management.

Health follow-up box

The Heal ForcePC-204 health follow-up box is an all-in-one health testing machine provided by Heal Force for community doctors, basic public health institutions and family doctors. It integrates a variety of health measuring instruments and can help basic community doctors to regularly visit blood pressure, blood sugar and heart. Key physical health data such as electricity to help primary care.

Home smart medicine box

The Heal Force family smart medicine box is equipped with a variety of health testing equipment, which can help you monitor body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen, uric acid and cholesterol and other physical parameters, and provide you with assessment and early warning of your health status. Through the Internet of Things technology, you can use your mobile phone to view the health test report anytime, anywhere, to grasp the health status of yourself and your family, and help family health management.

Over the years, Heal Force has actively assisted the “Internet + medical and health” measures, launched a variety of Heal Force IoT solutions, committed to improving the conditions of grassroots and community medical services, and providing convenient and reliable health management, chronic disease detection and self-help for middle-aged and elderly people Physical examination services to improve the level of health management.

With the development of medical technology, biofeedback therapy, as a new technology for rehabilitation treatment, has been increasingly used in neurorehabilitation and other fields. Li Kang has always paid attention to cutting-edge medical technology to provide patients with better rehabilitation medical equipment and improve their lives. The quality and experience of rehabilitation treatment contribute to the development of modern rehabilitation medicine!

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